Refinement Workshop 2009: Programme

9:30Invited talk: Carroll Morgan, How to brew-up a refinement ordering
11:00T.M. Rabehaja and J.W. Sanders, Data Refinement with Probability in Mind
11:30 Wim H. Hesselink and M.I. Lali, Formalizing a Hierarchical File System
12:00 Ralph-Johan Back and Viorel Preoteasa, Data Refinement of Invariant Based Programs
12:30 Simon Doherty and Lindsay Groves, Transactional Memory, Automata and Simulation
13:00 lunch
14:30 J.W. Sanders and Graeme Smith, Refining emergent properties
15:00 John Howse, Steve Schuman, Gem Stapleton and Ian Oliver, Diagrammatic Formal Specification of a Configuration Control Platform
15:30 tea
16:00 Stefan Hallerstede, Proving Quicksort correct in Event-B
16:30 Steve Dunne, Of wlp and CSP
17:00 Cesar J. Rodrigues, J.N. Oliveira and L.S. Barbosa, A single complete relational rule for coalgebraic refinement
17:30 Manuel A. Martins, Alexandre Madeira and L.S. Barbosa, Refinement by interpretation in a general setting
18:00 close

The following papers will also be included in the proceedings, but not presented during the day.