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Refinement Workshop history


Refine 2015 - International Refinement Workshop, programme


Refine 2013 - International Refinement Workshop, programme


Refine 2011 - International Refinement Workshop, programme


Refine 2009 - International Refinement Workshop, programme


Refine 2008 - International Refinement Workshop


Workshop, 7th February 2007
University of Essex
International Refinement Workshop, Monday 2nd July 2007
(Call for Papers and Talks)
St. Anne's College, Oxford
co-located with IFM 2007 - the 6th International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods


Workshop, February 23-24th 2006
University of Kent
Workshop, May 4-5th 2006
University of Southampton
"Tooling methods and integration"
Held at Chilworth Manor
International Refinement Workshop, 31st October 2006
(Workshop Program)
Macau - organised by UNU-IIST and the University of Macau
Run as a workshop of ICFEM 2006 - the eighth International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods


Workshop, January 10th-11th 2005
University of Sheffield
Refinement Workshop, April 12th 2005 (Workshop Programme | Call for Papers)
University of Surrey
Co-located with ZB'05
Workshop, July 6-7th 2005
University of Manchester
Automation and mechanisation
Refinement Workshop, 31st October 2005 ( Call for Participation | Call for Papers and Talks )
University of Manchester
Run as a workshop of ICFEM 2005: the seventh International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods


Workshop, January 8-9th 2004
University of Essex
Inaugural meeting
Workshop, May 13-14th 2004
Praxis Critical Systems, Bath
Industry focus
Workshop, September 7-8th 2004
University of York
Case studies I: Mondex

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